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April 16, 2019, 04:06:28 AM
Hi Winner, great to see ya ;D


April 14, 2019, 10:12:25 PM
hiya everyone, hope yall have been well!


March 31, 2019, 06:26:04 PM
HEY! Welcome back Winter!!!! Good to hear from you again!
 ;D :D


March 17, 2019, 05:26:50 PM
Hi winter, we missed ya

~FS~Winter Soldier

March 16, 2019, 12:00:44 PM
IT IS GOOD TO BE BACK!!! much love from israel! i missed you all! and it will be in the next couple of weeks when i buy the full pack of COD games that i will be back playing with you all!

Author Topic: Re: Ban Inquiry WaW PC  (Read 786 times)

Offline mercierm

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Re: Ban Inquiry WaW PC
« on: January 02, 2018, 06:02:04 PM »

Not really sure why I was perm banned ??

Offline ~FS~Goodshot

Re: Ban Inquiry WaW PC
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2018, 07:21:39 PM »
Welcome to our forums.

You were banned because you have a history of falsely accusing our regulars of cheating that don't cheat without submitting a demo as proof. We have a rule against doing so which is displayed on our server every 25 minutes as a reminder.
Rule #2: No false hackusations without submitting a demo.

It goes against that rule to accuse others of cheating that are not cheating without submitting a demo as evidence. If you were correct in your assumptions you would not have been banned and we would have appreciated the heads up. Skilled players with good hardware and a decent connection do exist. Our admins, moderators, members and regulars constantly help monitor our server to help keep the cheats out. A great deal of time and effort has been spent to ensure a clean and competitive server atmosphere. Because of this our server is usually cheat free.  We know cheating in online gaming is way out of control, and we don't blame you for being so worried about it, but it hardly ever happens here these days. When it does happen we record the cheater and that cheater is immediately banned. We record demos to make sure that skilled players are not banned by mistake and in return cheaters are banned with precision. Sometimes mistakes are made but they are quickly corrected after their demos have been reviewed.  Lets review each time that you have done this.

1.  July 10, 2017 you accused StoicV of cheating without submitting a demo. I can assure you that StoicV has been carefully reviewed many times and has been found to not be a cheater. This player is just that good.

17-07-10 21:36:10   @87426 [[AuGe]Harunio] to ALL:   GG
17-07-10 21:36:11   @124765 [AnotherPeace] to ALL:   gg
17-07-10 21:36:12   @112614 [EatDahPoohPo] to ALL:   GG
17-07-10 21:36:13   @18663 [StoicV] to ALL:   gg
17-07-10 21:36:15   @103869 [AsceticNight] to ALL:   gg
17-07-10 21:36:16   @123673 [Spiink] to ALL:   gg
17-07-10 21:36:17   @127265 [DeathAdder15] to TEAM:   gg
17-07-10 21:36:20   @127265 [DeathAdder15] to ALL:   gg
17-07-10 21:36:20   @127266 [Aszomil] to ALL:   gg
17-07-10 21:42:42   @127268 [JefferyJert] to TEAM:   QUICKMESSAGE_ENEMY_SPOTTED
17-07-10 21:42:57   @127268 [JefferyJert] to TEAM:   QUICKMESSAGE_FOLLOW_ME
17-07-10 21:45:56   @37093 [Hellboy621] to ALL:   sTOVIC THE hack
17-07-10 21:54:01   @97525 [[AEUG]RagyoKiryuin] to TEAM:   anyone tell if that's a legit sniper or not? kuz im pretty sure i'm not in line of sight
17-07-10 21:56:57   @87426 [[AuGe]Harunio] to ALL:   gg
17-07-10 21:57:17   @87426 [[AuGe]Harunio] to ALL:   gn all
17-07-10 21:57:22   @115 [mista] to ALL:   cu

2.  July 11, 2017 you accused killshot01 of cheating without submitting a demo. I can assure you that killshot01 has been carefully reviewed many times and has been found to not be a cheater. This player is just that good.

17-07-11 21:28:33   @120224 [Hurin11] to ALL:   gg
17-07-11 21:28:35   @4024 [Apollo_66] to ALL:   gg
17-07-11 21:28:36   @20660 [killshot01] to ALL:   gg
17-07-11 21:28:38   @96251 [[FS]Apachejr] to ALL:   gg
17-07-11 21:28:38   @126659 [sku_tank] to ALL:   GG
17-07-11 21:28:38   @105674 [PabloMF33] to ALL:   gg
17-07-11 21:28:39   @97525 [[AEUG]RagyoKiryuin] to ALL:   gg
17-07-11 21:28:47   @96251 [[FS]Apachejr] to ALL:   beasty
17-07-11 21:28:52   @29554 [[FS]sEXyB3asT] to ALL:   hey apch
17-07-11 21:33:25   @37093 [Hellboy621] to ALL:   killshot, hows it feel to be a cheat?
17-07-11 21:33:44   @8721 [Warpony] to ALL:   evening gents
17-07-11 21:33:47   @96251 [[FS]Apachejr] to ALL:   no he doesnt cheat
17-07-11 21:33:50   @29554 [[FS]sEXyB3asT] to ALL:   ponyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
17-07-11 21:33:52   @39355 [DonTrump] to ALL:   tks sir

3.  July 31, 2017 you accuse StoicV of cheating again without submitting a demo.

17-07-31 19:29:07   @120224 [Hurin11] to ALL:   gg
17-07-31 19:29:08   @18663 [StoicV] to ALL:   gg
17-07-31 19:29:10   @87454 [[AuGe]XoysterX] to ALL:   gg
17-07-31 19:29:14   @129676 [yoonhs542] to ALL:   gg
17-07-31 19:29:14   @129742 [fishsticks19] to ALL:   gg
17-07-31 19:29:15   @129741 [Booty_Pipe] to ALL:   gg
17-07-31 19:31:57   @37093 [Hellboy621] to ALL:   StoicV, your a hack
17-07-31 19:32:01   @1465 [chetmanley] to TEAM:   QUICKMESSAGE_YES_SIR
17-07-31 19:33:21   @37093 [Hellboy621] to ALL:   I depise cheats....
17-07-31 19:33:35   @1465 [chetmanley] to ALL:   demo and report
17-07-31 19:34:23   @84408 [[>PL<]S_h_r_a_p] to ALL:   kk
17-07-31 19:35:50   @37093 [Hellboy621] to ALL:   AH
17-07-31 19:43:45   @129742 [fishsticks19] to ALL:   still getting the ******* controls down XD
17-07-31 19:43:58   @84408 [[>PL<]S_h_r_a_p] to ALL:   gg
17-07-31 19:44:01   @126263 [MrTamalito] to TEAM:   gg
17-07-31 19:44:06   @128393 [ca5036] to ALL:   gg
17-07-31 19:44:13   @120224 [Hurin11] to ALL:   gg
17-07-31 19:44:14   @84408 [[>PL<]S_h_r_a_p] to TEAM:   c
17-07-31 19:44:15   @84408 [[>PL<]S_h_r_a_p] to ALL:   close

4. And now the straw that broke the camel's back. December 30, 2017 you accuse 00YogiBear00 of cheating without submitting a demo. I can assure you that 00YogiBear00 has been carefully reviewed many times and has been found to not be a cheater. This player is just that good.

17-12-30 17:20:08   @37093 [Hellboy621] to ALL:   yOGO'S A HACK
17-12-30 17:20:18   @1465 [chetmanley] to ALL:   ban him
17-12-30 17:20:35   @37093 [Hellboy621] to ALL:   wOULD IF i COULD

StoicV,  killshot01, and 00YogiBear00 are all well known regulars that play on our server that don't cheat.. If you can agree to not break the servers rules listed below we will gladly lift your ban.

Rule #1: No cheating or using hacks, no rapid fire, mouse wheel attack binds or using turbo to fire weapons.
Rule #2: No false hackusations without submitting a demo.
Rule #3: Respect all players regardless of skill level.
Rule #4: No abusive language or behavior towards admins or other players.
Rule #5: No offensive or potentially offensive names, annoying names.
Rule #6: No recruiting.
Rule #7: No advertising or spamming of websites or servers.
Rule #8: No profanity, offensive language or whining allowed (in any language).
Rule #9: No racism, racist remarks, race baiting or antisemitism.
Rule #10: No sexual harassment or sexually oriented language.
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